Monday, December 31, 2012


This Christmas has been amazing for my family. We were given so many blessings that it would be impossible to count them all. This year we have had many set backs, one of the main ones being financial  We lost the over time that was making it possible for us to make ends meet. So for a few months it was really hard to figure out how we were going to buy any of the things that were breaking or falling apart. It was quite stressful for the both of us. The kids didn't seem to know, so that was a huge relief. But there were people that were around us that either were lead by the Lord to know we needed help or just wanted to help out and heard we needed help. There were huge bags of clothes for the three older kids, giving them clothes for the next few years; including much needed new shoes. Christmas was no different. There were 6 large bags stuffed full of gifts for the whole family. It was amazing. I could not believe it, Clif and I choked back tears as Santa and a helper passed out presents for the kids and placed them under the tree.
This year the presents just appeared and it was such a huge blessing, we never would have asked anyone for help, yet the Lord softened others heart and they reached out to us to help make the Christmas season a little brighter for everyone. My testimony of the Lords power to reach out and touch individuals and to share a Christlike spirit is so strong. I truly know what the Christmas season is truly about this year.
That is not to say our extended families didn't help either. They were wonderful to us. Sheryl gave the kids a whole box of toys and stories that matched each of the stories. The kids loved to hear how she grew up and how it was like in the olden days. My parents also did fantastic jobs in making it a special time. I loved the cassorole dish I got, it is large enough for the whole family to eat from. Clif got a toy flying helicoptor. He loves it and flies it around all over. The girls all got American Girl dolls and my mom made clothes for them. It was seriously an achievement. Adele couldn't figure out why her doll didn't have peirced ears. It was because Adele doesn't have pierced ears. Liam got some star wars figures again, and a really cool car kit that he builds cars with. He is excellent with them and can put them together with minimal help. It is so cool to watch him do things that he loves and do them by himself. He is really growing up. The whole family got a Wii  fit and games. It is really fun for the whole family, especially since I am getting too rired to go out all the time. What a wonderful time. I am so moved at how loved we are by those around us.
 Liam with his new life sabor and figurine. Seriously? I think Star wars is over rated.
 The twins love to craft. Any type of crafts, here they are with the kits to make jewlry and snow globes. They are going to have hours of fun with these things.
 Adele got a shopping cart with a register and some bath toys. She still loves to take baths so it was perfect for her.
 All the kids got pillow pets. They were a hit? Crazy that these things are so coveted in this house. MyraJean sleeps with hers over her body every night. Funny.
 The girls with the American dolls. It will be something they treasure forever.
 Liam with this car kit. It is not a baby kit either, he is so excited and works on them all the time.
 These two pictures are from the Wii Fit for the family. I have to admit it is fun for me too. The kids beg to use it all the time. What a fun family activity.

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