Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mom and Dad visit Deklan Blessing

I have a new sweet nephew, Melissa and Taylor's baby Deklan. He is the cutest thing ever. My Mom and Dad came to visit for the blessing and we got to hang out with them. Here are a couple of cute pictures.

We went out to dinner at Applebees. My kids have never been to a real restaurant besides the local taqueria  I was very nervous about how they would. react and it made me grumpy. But they had a ball and surprised me how good they were. We got their 2 entrees for 20 and it came with 2 dinners and a appetizer. I had to do that twice, and I hoped that would be enough to feed my 5 hungry kids. These are adult sized dinners not to be confused with  the kid platters. The kids ate, and ate, and ate, They ate all their dinner and then told me they wanted to eat my dinner. Crazy, but I have a few funny anecdotes.

Evelyn who ate a ton of food (I mean all of hers, some of her sisters, and some of mine) said as she was eating more "Mom, I am feeling full, but my belly doesn't hurt yet and so I am going to keep eating". What?

Liam who ate all the appetizers that he could by himself, and I mean a lot of food, started crying. He ate so much he almost threw up. Clif took pity, I thought it was silly to eat so much. 
He also kept saying "I love this restaurant, can we come back? The food is so good". I would have to feed my kids before we went out to dinner so that they didn't cost us a large fortune.

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