Sunday, March 31, 2013



Easter is really fun at our house every year. We love getting up and opening Easter baskets. Of course the kids probably like it better than me but I really love seeing the smiles on my kids faces too. It is such a fun way to remember the Savior and the Resurection. The kids love chocolate.. me I am about done with the candy this year. Valentines day was bad enough. I have never seen so much candy as I do with kids that come home with all kinds of goodies from school. The spirit is totally fun though
The kids decorating Easter eggs. They had such a ball but I will admit I hate the mess and so I have semi clothed kids. But how can you ignore the smiles that they have. I love it.

 They woke up way too early to open the baskets but they had so much fun doing it. It was pretty fun and exciting. No one needed breakfast after the chocolate feast.
 Yep that is what her hair looks like all the time. She is so pretty and so funny.
 Liam all serious
 Could not get them to look at me. It is like herding cats.
 Notice she is climbing. She climbs the walls. She is a disaster in the smallest body and she is silent.  I have to
follow her all the time. It is crazy.

The hunt was wonderful. They found all the eggs so no rotten eggs at my house.

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Rebekah said...

I guess I need to see you more often. I barely recognize you and your kids. :)