Monday, October 22, 2012

Evelyn... oops I did it too

On my birthday outing, Saturday, Clif and I went to Berkeley to Lacis. It is a lace shop where I get all the supplies I can. I love the store but I hardly get to ever get there.  So the one thing that I begged for was for Clif to take me out and not roll his eyes the whole time I was looking.
I traded babysitting with one of the gals in my ward and she took all 5 kids so that I could have a break. It was so much fun.The kids had a ball, since this family had a dog, a trampoline, and 3 other kids for them to play with. Everything was going so well until Evelyn jumped off the tramp.
As we pulled up to the house, we heard Ev start to wail and both said that sounded bad. By the time we got to the door, though she was fine. Clif and I reassured the parents that we were not worried, kids are always getting hurt and it was seriously no big deal, and it really wasn't. We got all the kids loaded up and then went home. Clif went to the store and I just hung out with the kids. Evelyn was acting tired but that was all and then started to say that her arm still hurt. I didn't pay too much attention, I was getting ready for the craft night that I had talked Clif into having at my house for my birthday. I had friends coming over and toilets needed to be cleaned. At one point Evelyn said that her wrist hurt. I knew from Adele that if they dislocate their elbow that it hurts down to their wrist and that I could pop it back into place. So I did. Evelyn cried and cried and I felt bad but thought well, it is probably just sore. Adele's elbow was sore for 2-3 days after it got dislocated so I didn't put too much stock into it. 
That night, Clif had Evelyn on Tylenol all night and by the next morning, I thought I did something wrong, maybe it was still out of place. She was really upset. So I called another friend who is a chiropractor and he came over before Church. He saw the swelling and said he thought we needed to have it x-rayed and offered to do it at his office. So off we went to the office. There was significant bruising and swelling but he couldn't see any broken bones. As we headed home, Evelyn kept saying she was thirsty, I told Clif I thought she was going to be sick, he ignored me and all of a sudden, she threw up all over the car... It was really gross. I should have known then she was in more pain than I thought. But once again, practicality took over and I wasn't going to the ER if I didn't need too.
Fast forward to Thursday, 4 days later, and I had finally had it with her. She wouldn't use her arm. She didn't complain about it but I couldn't get her help at all or have her use her arm. Evelyn kept holding it to her side like it was in a sling... I should have known but I ignored it. By this time I was just irritated with it. So I called the orthopedic surgeon that Liam saw and got her in. Anyone want to venture a guess? Yep, it was totally broken . It had cracked a bone in her elbow that we couldn't see from the x-rays and she just kept not using it by over compensating with her other arm. Can I just say bad parent award? I felt horrible but then again she only had to have a cast for 2 weeks so it was not a horrible break. Still, I should have known whether she was crying or not, that something wasn't right.
Here is her with a new cast.
She wanted o have a blue one on. She wouldn't let anyone write on it. That was my Evelyn.
This is when she got it off. She took it like a champ
Cute huh?

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