Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am 33 too

 This year for my birthday, I had the best birthday ever, at least the best in recent history, ie the past 12 months. I got some cash and went and bought myself a new lace book. If you can't read it, that would be because it is in french, and no I do not read french. I can look at pictures and almost decipher the directions. It has some awesome patterns. It is going to be fun to try some new patterns.
But the best is the new mixer I got. I really needed a new mixer since Adele held on to the paddle and burned up my motor of the last one I had. This one is way bigger too. It had the big bowl and I have loved every minute of it. It makes doing bread so much easier and I don't have to kneed it my hand anymore. I have used it once a week since I got it (that is a lot) most of the time, multiple times.
Clif came accross this great breakfast for us. It is a cake of sorts. You have breakfast sausage, shredded potatoes, eggs, and cheese. It is so good and by the way it kills the stomach when you eat too much. It is awesome though.
I also had a German Chocolate cake. It was very good and realy rich. It was a great day and a great time with my family.. I did get to go out for my birthday to Berkeley. It is one of my favorite places since it is where Laci's is, that is the lace store that I get my supplies from. I love it. But that is for another post...Stay tuned.

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