Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring recital

The twin had a spring recital. The school served ice cream and so it was nice to go and have a fun family night. I love my cute family. Notice how Delsa looks just like Clif? Crazy huh

 Adele had too much fun eating her ice cream to look at the camera.
 I love her smile. This time I know it is not what she did or got into that made this face. I always dread when she looks at me like this. It usually means I have a ton of work to repair what ever she has done.
My twins are growing up. They love Kindergarten and their Teachers have been fabulous not only to them but to us too. I really love this picture it shows their personalities. And then some.

 I had to stand in back of the poster to get some good pictures. Notice the grumpy look on Evelyn's face. Yep that is how she looked pretty much the whole time. I couldn't get MyraJean to look around  the boy in front of her. But they both loved to sing and they love to see their friends. They have both turned into social  butterflies.

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Rebekah said...

FUN! Our school never serves ice cream.