Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Twins are 6

The girls are 6. I can't believe how big they are getting. They are so fun, sweet, and smart. Evelyn is quite a budding athlete. She is always trying to show us how fast she is, or how far she can hit the ball, or which kid she can out run on her bike. She takes special pride in her school work and how well she can do her tasks. Evelyn is very protective of her twin and is always checking with MyraJean before she does things with her or without her. It is wonderful to see her love her family and have such a family spirit. 
MyraJean is wonderful to be around. She is very sensitive and loving. She never has a harsh word for others and is an avid reader. She seems determined to start reading on her own. I can't seem to keep up with her these days. She sits on the couch and reads pages until she understands each word by herself and gets pretty ornery if I try to help. She loves to play outside with her sisters and is especially aware of Evelyn and what they do together. I love to be around her, she is such a bright spot in each day. 
As they have gotten older I have realized how much fulfilment these twins have brought to our family. We are so grateful for their sweet spirits in our family.
 The twins opening their mounds of gifts.
 A sweet lady sewed these bunnies for the girls. The girls loved them and took them everywhere in the first couple days they had them. Now they just sleep with them every night but they are super cute. Thanks Jill, you're awesome.
I started to embroider some flowers and then it turned into a bag. So each girl got a bag and then I filled each bag with small trinkets. The girls love sunglasses and since we live in Sunny California they are always looking  for sunglasses. So they got sunglasses, polish, lip gloss, and more. The girls loved the bags and I thought it was a hit.
Evelyn opening her bag.
 My Mom is a wonder, she knew that I would be to busy to go to the park or out and about. So she sent the girls things that they could have fun with and be active around the house. MyraJean got a swing that we hung in the backyard. It is wonderful and the kids all love it.
For Evelyn she got her a pogo stick. Clif and I wanted to try it but we were afraid that we would break it. Evelyn has been able to hop twice in a row on it. It is going to get hundreds of hours of use out of it.
So the twins wanted a scooter for their birthdays. Clif and I priced them out over and over, comparing each store and what we could actually afford. Then on Tuesday, 5 days before their birthday I happened to see an advertisement on freecycle for 2 scooters. It was written by a friends and so I called her, explained the whole story and then picked them up. I can't tell you how blessed that the exact thing I needed for my girls miraculously showed up, literally in my email. I know miracles happen all the time. How blessed my family is.
The girls wanted hot dog casserole for dinner and since Delsa didn't get a nap, she didn't make it through dinner. It was really good and pretty funny too.
The girls wanted chocolate cake with strawberry frosting.It turned out really good. I also made chocolate cupcakes and rice crispy treats for them to take to school to share with their friends. They has so much fun celebrating their birthday with their friends and family. I had fun doing it too.
It was a regular party at our house complete with noise makers and birthday hats. Notice I am in my pjs. I was so sick with the stomach flu that Clif had to do almost all the work by himself. I felt bad but Clif insisted that he could do it, and boy was he such a help. I do appreciate all the work he does and how much each one of our kids bring to the family.Happy birthday Evelyn and MyraJean.

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