Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Delsa actually is 2

Delsa is two. She is such a spit fire. She recently started speech and it has really brightened her up. I love to be around her all the time. But it should be that way right? She runs and runs and climbs everything. Most people don't get how fast and active she is but she really makes me run. Which is the only exercise I get these days. She is so smiley, and has started to try to talk. Everyone seems so shocked that she doesn't talk but she is very similar to the rest of the kids in my family and speech delay runs hereditary, all I know is that it is quieter at my house... I kinda like it that way. She is very independent and is part monkey. She climbs sheer walls and is really adept to doing whatever you told her not to do. Some days it seems like all we do is play tag and I am always it. But at least school is out and I have 4 other kids to help me keep track of her. 
So on her birthday we went to the mall. She likes to run and I can't handle the heat so it was there or stay at the house that day. We went to the Mall. I made her beans and rice, she likes it ok. Then I burned the rice. So the kids had ham and cheese roll ups with green beans from the garden. They probably liked that better anyhow.

 Notice that the roll up is huge. She ate the whole thing. Yes my kids are little but they are good eaters.
 So I wanted to make the cup cakes that have cream cheese in the middle. But I am not cooking as well as I usually do so they got a cake with the cream cheese filling and then I just baked it. It turned out to be so good. The kids and I pretty much scarfed it up.

 Look at my cute kids. I love this family

So on to the big stuff. Delsa got some fun princesses to dress and a book to read. A couple of toys to play with from Clif and I...  and (drum roll), a splash table. This table is the high light of her day. She loves water so much and now has an outlet to play in. The kids all play with it with her and the other day I found her sitting in it. She is such a handful but I sure do love her. She is wet every day. I am so glad that she is happy though. She adds such spunk to our family. Happy birthday kid.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blueberries for all

We went blueberry picking to replenish our supply this past Saturday. I thought if I could pick 13 lbs like I did last summer I would be fine. I over picked, we got almost 30 lbs. Remember the tomatoes? Very similar to that experience only not as bad as 130 quarts. So we froze them yesterday as soon as we got home. I love blueberries and since prices went up from last year, I am so glad we got an abundance this time since I probably won't get some next year. Clif came this year and was a huge help. The kids played with the Liggets and I had so much fun chatting with my friends that met us there. Poor Clif is destined to be surrounded by women.
 Adele was so pleased with her bucket until I dumped her berries into the 2 big buckets that we were filling up. She was so pleased with her ability to get the big blue ones and not any of the green ones. I think she is adorable.
Don't you like the slave labor. It was a good thing that I got this picture because soon after this the kids all disappeared to the play area. Which was fine with me. I am glad this farm had something to keep the kids occupied while we all picked. It made it go so much faster that we didn't have to constantly redirect and check on the kids.
 Evelyn was an exception. I don't think she stopped picking at all. I see a farm hand future in store for her.
 Clif was irritated that I took his picture, but I wanted him to have fond memories of going picking and so I got him on camera.
 MyraJean with her half filled bucket. She was mad that we wouldn't let her have a bigger bucket. She did quite the job trying to fill her bucket before abandoning us to play at the jump house.
 The other pictures are really cute but I have to say that this is my favorite picture yet. It is super cute and really shows her personality. And the fact she wouldn't let us share her berries.
This is Ian and Liam. They have become very good friends at the park this past year. I think they had a lot of fun, we didn't see much of them after the first 30 minutes. But thank goodness Ian doesn't get into too much trouble. It is fun to have Liam have a nice friend to do things with.

Summer fun

This is the cutest picture I could get in Oliver's wagon. I will say it is pretty cute. I am so glad that school is almost over. Homework, done, studying sight words, done, hair pulling out over fights with homework, done.... Yay, I might actually survive the Summer now. The kids have it all planned out. We will go to the beach, and then the park, and then the beach, and then the park. Yes it seems like a pattern, an AB pattern to be exact with no room for C, which is homework. I am so excited. I can't speak for the kids but I think they feel the same way

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh my goodness, the ER is so much fun.

Clif and I never get enough of going to the ER at the drop of a hat. So on Saturday at 2 in the morning, Evelyn came into our room crying that she hurt. First she said that her legs hurt and then she really started to cry that her stomach hurt. Clif gave her some tylenol and she still cried most of the morning. By 8, I was getting irriated and told her that if she still hurt to get some Tylenol and stop belly aching about it. The crying went on and on and by 10 I was really worried and told Clif it was time to take her to the Emergency Room. Clif just though she had a stomach bubble. I kept insisting that this was not normal. Evelyn walked around with a broken arm for a week and never once said it hurt. She was crying and moaning and holding her belly. 
So we took her. By the time we got to the hospital, she couldn't walk and by the time we got her into admissions I had to carry her back. She was in so much pain.We took her back to the room and 1 1/2 hours later the Dr. finally came in. By this time I was furious. Evelyn was crying and rocking with her arms wrapped around her belly. The Dr ordered a shot of Morphine and it didn't work, so he ordered another one and a muscle relaxer. She seemed to hurt in the area of her appendix and so we all thought she had appendicitis. It wasn't. They finally got her to relax enough with the Morphine to take a CT scan and they could not find anything at all wrong with her. Her stomach was really distended but that was all they could find. It was horrible to watch. 
The Dr. gave her another medicine that reversed the effects of the previous medicines and it woke her up enough to go home. She said it didn't hurt anymore but by the time she threw up (all night long) all the medicine in her system she started to cry that her belly hurt again. This time we gave her lots of Motrin and Tylenol and it finally passed Sunday night. It was horrible. We still don't know what was wrong with her but if it happens again we will go to the ER sooner. It was so sad.

By the time she got the Morphine in she still wouldn't uncross her legs. I couldn't watch this so Clif had to help hold her down. I don't do that... But I got some pictures.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day weekend, the boys were at the Father and Son campout on Friday. This meant the girls played and partied all day until the boys came home. So first we went out to donuts. My kids love this little donut shop. It is definitely a splurge but we had a lot of fun. Clearly Adele was starving and couldn't put her donut down long enough to have a picture taken.
Evelyn wanted to say cheese with donuts in her mouth. Funny little girl.
Notice the cheesy grin on Delsa, that is what I get all the time from her. She is starting to ham it up like the rest of her sisters.
After a very fulfilling breakfast, we went to Target so the girls could finally buy thier presents from their Grandma birthday money. MyraJean bought a water gun and Evelyn bought a painting magnet craft. Our Target in town is at the mall and the kids like to play there for variety. Evelyn clearly is going to own a large animal one day so she can ride it like a puppy.
Adele wanted something too and so she got a "ducky toy". She is obsessed with these lately and this one lights up when you throw it. She loved it about 20 minutes. Then it was time to play.
Notice the cheesy grin again. Yep this is what I get whenever she will slow down long enough for a picture. Which is almost never. She is seriously the busiest little girl I have ever seen.
Liam gave me a happy jar. It holds sayings of what things will make me happy so when I get sad, I open one one are read it. It makes me feel good. He is such a sweet boy. I love him.
Delsa set the table. Yep I know, I am a lucky girl to have such a helpful little one.
I wanted a meal just for me. So it was chicken fried steak. I love this meal. This time I really went for it. We had potatoes, fried onion rings and fried zucchini  It was heart stoppingly wonderful. The kids all loved it... and we were all sick the rest of the night from the fried-ness of the meal. It was a nice reminder of how much Mothers mean to families  I can tell you right now, I am needed. There is no way this house would run it self without me. I think Clif thinks it would, but it would run right into the ground with out me. I am glad to be needed and loved.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We need a pool, the floor is going to start to mold

Delsa loves water. When I say loves water, I mean plays in all water available: sinks, hoses, toilets, and refrigerators  Oh and by the way, she loves the toilet. She will take a cup from the kitchen upstairs, go pass the fridge, down the stairs, and into the downstairs bathroom. Oh and she is not just playing, she clearly needed a drink. So my kid drinks from the toilet, literally. Hence all the bathrooms remain locked and if you have to go to the bathroom, you need a key.... from me.
So Delsa got ticked. She figured a way to play and circumvent the rules. She pushes the kitchen chairs to the fridge (that doesn't have a water lock) and pushed the water button. Does she drink it? No! She pushes the button until someone realizes what she is doing. The first time (I am a slow learner) she flooded the kitchen with 2 inches of water, the second time (the next day) it was only an inch. Clif was around this morning when she did it again... I don't know how much water was spent before we got her stopped.
My kids keep asking for a pool. Next time I am going to have them play in the kitchen instead. Clearly I am not inventive as my 2 year old. And I thought I was queen of making do with what we have. I have so much to learn....

Father Son campout

Friday, May 10, 2013

Twins Kindergarten Mothers day celebration

The twins kindergarten class has a Mothers day celebration. They ask that all mothers make a special effort to come to class and do the activities with their child. I was thrilled. I got the babies to the babysitters and then headed over. The twins are super crafty and so I knew this would be such a great day for everyone. They had a ton of activities for everyone. The girls were just so much fun to be with. I know that some people think that twins are so hard but they are so much fun to be with. I love to be with them. I love their smiles and their sweet willingness to do any activity with me. They seemed to be as excited that I was coming as I was to come. When I first got there, they were singing their opening songs and MyraJean sang her little heart out and danced, Evelyn kept making really funny faces at me the whole time. I don't think she sang a bit but we were both cracking up at the funny faces we each made to each other. It was super cute.
 These were the leis that we made. Evelyn wouldn't wear hers but MyraJean wouldn't take it off. I know they are identical but they are so individual in everything that they do. I just love each of their personalities.
 They received a trinket box, both picked blue, and then got to decorate it.Evelyn spread her decorations out evenly. MyraJean if you can see the lid covered the box until there was barely any blue left. They were so meticulous and it was too fun to just be with them.
 Look at the concentration on their faces.
 They also decorated a photo frame with their pictures. So much cuteness. MyraJean had a button day and Evelyn did half button decoration and half orage flowers. It very much showed the dichotomy of her personality.

 There was also hand prints on posters for us. One side had their print and half had my print. I am going to lamanate mine.By the way you only get to see MyraJean because I am in the ones with Evelyn and there is no way that is showing up on a blog right now.
 Couldn't get done fast enough to go play with the boys. That is totally my Evelyn. So fun.
 So pretty right?
I loved hanging out with my special girls. I loved everything that we got to do together. They are the love of my life and I am so glad that I got to be the mother of the most amazing identical twins. Families are forever and I am so blessed.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I don't need a puppy I have Delsa

Anyone who understands Delsa and our family knows that she runs the family. We all run to keep up with her. She can destroy a house or room in 2 minutes flat and has eaten more crayons and markers than I think is FDA approved. I do love her though and she reminds me so much of her Dad. So so pretty and so smart, a little spunky, and mostly determined. She doesn't handle no very well and she doesn't make any sound and so I literaly have to chase around her and keep all the doors locked.
 She is becoming the little tatoo artist. Yes, this picture is when I took the markers away from her. She was so thrilled that I was stifiling her artistic expression. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then she just ignored me....
After I ruined her artistic expression she broke into my sewing pins and took her anger out on a lonely peice of Pirates Booty. I should have known that she would take her revenge out on my stuff. I asked her if she wanted her snack after I took the pins out, she just ignored me again.`
This look is exactly why I haven't gotten rid of her yet. I mean who would take her and then bring her back. I mean I need a break but I would so miss her.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why I need to carry the potty with me, everywhere.

The other day Adele and I were waiting for the smog guy to open up. She had to go to the bathroom and I didn't want to leave in case I missed the opening to be first. I know, but seriously, I was on a time schedule. I  
had parked where the car backside was next to some seriously huge bushes and so I told her to go behind the car. She is old enough to do it on her own so I stayed and watched out the window. When she got back in the car, I asked her if she peed on herself, always something to know, right? She looked at me and said like I was ridiculous  "No I didn't have to pee, I pooped".
In the bushes, in a public parking lot. So I started laughing and then thought, I don't think she wore underwear today.... That just sums up my life.