Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blueberries for all

We went blueberry picking to replenish our supply this past Saturday. I thought if I could pick 13 lbs like I did last summer I would be fine. I over picked, we got almost 30 lbs. Remember the tomatoes? Very similar to that experience only not as bad as 130 quarts. So we froze them yesterday as soon as we got home. I love blueberries and since prices went up from last year, I am so glad we got an abundance this time since I probably won't get some next year. Clif came this year and was a huge help. The kids played with the Liggets and I had so much fun chatting with my friends that met us there. Poor Clif is destined to be surrounded by women.
 Adele was so pleased with her bucket until I dumped her berries into the 2 big buckets that we were filling up. She was so pleased with her ability to get the big blue ones and not any of the green ones. I think she is adorable.
Don't you like the slave labor. It was a good thing that I got this picture because soon after this the kids all disappeared to the play area. Which was fine with me. I am glad this farm had something to keep the kids occupied while we all picked. It made it go so much faster that we didn't have to constantly redirect and check on the kids.
 Evelyn was an exception. I don't think she stopped picking at all. I see a farm hand future in store for her.
 Clif was irritated that I took his picture, but I wanted him to have fond memories of going picking and so I got him on camera.
 MyraJean with her half filled bucket. She was mad that we wouldn't let her have a bigger bucket. She did quite the job trying to fill her bucket before abandoning us to play at the jump house.
 The other pictures are really cute but I have to say that this is my favorite picture yet. It is super cute and really shows her personality. And the fact she wouldn't let us share her berries.
This is Ian and Liam. They have become very good friends at the park this past year. I think they had a lot of fun, we didn't see much of them after the first 30 minutes. But thank goodness Ian doesn't get into too much trouble. It is fun to have Liam have a nice friend to do things with.


Rebekah said...

That is awesome!

Kirsten said...

Awesome!! I love having blueberries in my freezer!