Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Delsa actually is 2

Delsa is two. She is such a spit fire. She recently started speech and it has really brightened her up. I love to be around her all the time. But it should be that way right? She runs and runs and climbs everything. Most people don't get how fast and active she is but she really makes me run. Which is the only exercise I get these days. She is so smiley, and has started to try to talk. Everyone seems so shocked that she doesn't talk but she is very similar to the rest of the kids in my family and speech delay runs hereditary, all I know is that it is quieter at my house... I kinda like it that way. She is very independent and is part monkey. She climbs sheer walls and is really adept to doing whatever you told her not to do. Some days it seems like all we do is play tag and I am always it. But at least school is out and I have 4 other kids to help me keep track of her. 
So on her birthday we went to the mall. She likes to run and I can't handle the heat so it was there or stay at the house that day. We went to the Mall. I made her beans and rice, she likes it ok. Then I burned the rice. So the kids had ham and cheese roll ups with green beans from the garden. They probably liked that better anyhow.

 Notice that the roll up is huge. She ate the whole thing. Yes my kids are little but they are good eaters.
 So I wanted to make the cup cakes that have cream cheese in the middle. But I am not cooking as well as I usually do so they got a cake with the cream cheese filling and then I just baked it. It turned out to be so good. The kids and I pretty much scarfed it up.

 Look at my cute kids. I love this family

So on to the big stuff. Delsa got some fun princesses to dress and a book to read. A couple of toys to play with from Clif and I...  and (drum roll), a splash table. This table is the high light of her day. She loves water so much and now has an outlet to play in. The kids all play with it with her and the other day I found her sitting in it. She is such a handful but I sure do love her. She is wet every day. I am so glad that she is happy though. She adds such spunk to our family. Happy birthday kid.

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Cyn said...

I do not doubt for an instant that she was IN the splash table.