Thursday, May 9, 2013

I don't need a puppy I have Delsa

Anyone who understands Delsa and our family knows that she runs the family. We all run to keep up with her. She can destroy a house or room in 2 minutes flat and has eaten more crayons and markers than I think is FDA approved. I do love her though and she reminds me so much of her Dad. So so pretty and so smart, a little spunky, and mostly determined. She doesn't handle no very well and she doesn't make any sound and so I literaly have to chase around her and keep all the doors locked.
 She is becoming the little tatoo artist. Yes, this picture is when I took the markers away from her. She was so thrilled that I was stifiling her artistic expression. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then she just ignored me....
After I ruined her artistic expression she broke into my sewing pins and took her anger out on a lonely peice of Pirates Booty. I should have known that she would take her revenge out on my stuff. I asked her if she wanted her snack after I took the pins out, she just ignored me again.`
This look is exactly why I haven't gotten rid of her yet. I mean who would take her and then bring her back. I mean I need a break but I would so miss her.

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