Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day weekend, the boys were at the Father and Son campout on Friday. This meant the girls played and partied all day until the boys came home. So first we went out to donuts. My kids love this little donut shop. It is definitely a splurge but we had a lot of fun. Clearly Adele was starving and couldn't put her donut down long enough to have a picture taken.
Evelyn wanted to say cheese with donuts in her mouth. Funny little girl.
Notice the cheesy grin on Delsa, that is what I get all the time from her. She is starting to ham it up like the rest of her sisters.
After a very fulfilling breakfast, we went to Target so the girls could finally buy thier presents from their Grandma birthday money. MyraJean bought a water gun and Evelyn bought a painting magnet craft. Our Target in town is at the mall and the kids like to play there for variety. Evelyn clearly is going to own a large animal one day so she can ride it like a puppy.
Adele wanted something too and so she got a "ducky toy". She is obsessed with these lately and this one lights up when you throw it. She loved it about 20 minutes. Then it was time to play.
Notice the cheesy grin again. Yep this is what I get whenever she will slow down long enough for a picture. Which is almost never. She is seriously the busiest little girl I have ever seen.
Liam gave me a happy jar. It holds sayings of what things will make me happy so when I get sad, I open one one are read it. It makes me feel good. He is such a sweet boy. I love him.
Delsa set the table. Yep I know, I am a lucky girl to have such a helpful little one.
I wanted a meal just for me. So it was chicken fried steak. I love this meal. This time I really went for it. We had potatoes, fried onion rings and fried zucchini  It was heart stoppingly wonderful. The kids all loved it... and we were all sick the rest of the night from the fried-ness of the meal. It was a nice reminder of how much Mothers mean to families  I can tell you right now, I am needed. There is no way this house would run it self without me. I think Clif thinks it would, but it would run right into the ground with out me. I am glad to be needed and loved.

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