Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh my goodness, the ER is so much fun.

Clif and I never get enough of going to the ER at the drop of a hat. So on Saturday at 2 in the morning, Evelyn came into our room crying that she hurt. First she said that her legs hurt and then she really started to cry that her stomach hurt. Clif gave her some tylenol and she still cried most of the morning. By 8, I was getting irriated and told her that if she still hurt to get some Tylenol and stop belly aching about it. The crying went on and on and by 10 I was really worried and told Clif it was time to take her to the Emergency Room. Clif just though she had a stomach bubble. I kept insisting that this was not normal. Evelyn walked around with a broken arm for a week and never once said it hurt. She was crying and moaning and holding her belly. 
So we took her. By the time we got to the hospital, she couldn't walk and by the time we got her into admissions I had to carry her back. She was in so much pain.We took her back to the room and 1 1/2 hours later the Dr. finally came in. By this time I was furious. Evelyn was crying and rocking with her arms wrapped around her belly. The Dr ordered a shot of Morphine and it didn't work, so he ordered another one and a muscle relaxer. She seemed to hurt in the area of her appendix and so we all thought she had appendicitis. It wasn't. They finally got her to relax enough with the Morphine to take a CT scan and they could not find anything at all wrong with her. Her stomach was really distended but that was all they could find. It was horrible to watch. 
The Dr. gave her another medicine that reversed the effects of the previous medicines and it woke her up enough to go home. She said it didn't hurt anymore but by the time she threw up (all night long) all the medicine in her system she started to cry that her belly hurt again. This time we gave her lots of Motrin and Tylenol and it finally passed Sunday night. It was horrible. We still don't know what was wrong with her but if it happens again we will go to the ER sooner. It was so sad.

By the time she got the Morphine in she still wouldn't uncross her legs. I couldn't watch this so Clif had to help hold her down. I don't do that... But I got some pictures.

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Cyn said...

Sad, but her legs look SO long!!