Sunday, May 12, 2013

We need a pool, the floor is going to start to mold

Delsa loves water. When I say loves water, I mean plays in all water available: sinks, hoses, toilets, and refrigerators  Oh and by the way, she loves the toilet. She will take a cup from the kitchen upstairs, go pass the fridge, down the stairs, and into the downstairs bathroom. Oh and she is not just playing, she clearly needed a drink. So my kid drinks from the toilet, literally. Hence all the bathrooms remain locked and if you have to go to the bathroom, you need a key.... from me.
So Delsa got ticked. She figured a way to play and circumvent the rules. She pushes the kitchen chairs to the fridge (that doesn't have a water lock) and pushed the water button. Does she drink it? No! She pushes the button until someone realizes what she is doing. The first time (I am a slow learner) she flooded the kitchen with 2 inches of water, the second time (the next day) it was only an inch. Clif was around this morning when she did it again... I don't know how much water was spent before we got her stopped.
My kids keep asking for a pool. Next time I am going to have them play in the kitchen instead. Clearly I am not inventive as my 2 year old. And I thought I was queen of making do with what we have. I have so much to learn....

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Rebekah said...

You should get a pool. :)