Monday, June 24, 2013

Cub scouts

Since Liam turns 8 on the 7th of July he falls into within the month of Scout camp and that qualified him to be able to go to scout day camp. He was so excited. The first day they learned about rocks and minerals, they swam, learned some songs. He came home with a knapsack, and a water bottle.
The second day they got to shoot bb guns, and a bow and arrow. He worked a leather bag into which he 
 put one of his bbs. He also made a leather book that he recorded some of the things that he got to do.
The last day he passed off some of his water works. He made a stool, and did a great job doing it too. He learned to play marbles and passed off some knots. I can't tell you how much fun he had and how good it was for him. I love that he is going to succeed in this so much. It is awesome.

The last day they performed some songs and a ditty for the parents. They got a certificate that said they completed scout camp. He is just so happy. How fun is that?
Liam with his Wolf pack. They had a hike and this is the picture that I received from one of the leaders. He loves to climb trees. I think this is the perfect activity for him.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Crab cove 2013

This is becoming the best get away for my family. Really close to us (one hour) a couple of minutes from Clif's work and right up the road from Ikea. It is a dream for my family. Notice in the picture that we were at Ikea. It is always a relaxing visit and it is half way from my house to my favorite cousins in Cali. So we planned to visit them a bit that night. It wore me out but it was so much fun and I really loved to visit with Jared and Heather. I can't wait to see them again.
 We were waiting for Clif to come eat lunch with us at Ikea. It is crazy, they ate more than Clif and I both. The baby ate like 8 meatballs. It was fun though. The kids look forward to this trip every year.
 So the best part of the beach is that the kids can go really \far out and not drown. Delsa totally killed that theory. She walked into the water until it went over her head, twice. I was a nervous wreck at the end of the visit. But she had a ball and after trying to breath underwater she stayed closer to me and not so close to the water.
 The three kids loving the water. It has so many things to see.

Ok not a lot to talk about except that it was awesome at the beach. Then we picked up Clif from work and went to Heathers and Jared house. They made hambergers that were fabulous and homemade mac and cheese. I thought Clif was going to leave me I wanted to stay way too long. But it was so great to just relax and visit with them. We don't get to see them very often. Hopefully we can make the trip more than once a year.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

The twins graduated from Kindergarten. What a great day. They loved everything about school. It was such a great experience for them. They made their first friends ever. There are a set of twin boys that the girls really liked and they had a great time this year creating their own circle of friends. They also had a few girls that the twins seemed to have a ball with. It was a fantastic year. 
MyraJean really blossomed and is reading well by herself. She is amazing and a cute little bookworm. She is so sensitive and is a perfectionist. She hates doing things wrong but is getting better to adjusting to the ups and downs of school and life. She is teaching herself to read, no thanks to me and is the best little mom to the younger kids. We really love her.
Evelyn also blossomed. She really has been able to hold her own with the boys and loves to be fast and wild. She loves the crafts and arts at school. She is not as interested into reading as her sister but pretty close. She loves to draw, craft, create, and decorate. That kid can run and keep up with the best of the boys. Evelyn really did well this year with her sister. I am so proud of her and MyraJean. They are amazing.

 MyraJean and Evelyn with one of the twins they like from their class. Super cute right?
 After the program where they sang, performed, and got recognised there were so many things to collect and then play. They were so fast and had a great playdate with their friends.
Adele didn't want her picture taken. Poor Adele.
Mrs. Boyd and the twins. She has been a big inspiration to me. I have loved her attitude and help with the kids and the family. She has such a good social understanding and I have never seen such a wonderful example of what a teacher can do for her community. I have grown so much to watch and learn from her. She is forever one of my favorite people ever.
Mrs. Borrego and we also love her. She is the team teacher with Mrs. Boyd and is also such a great example to me of a true believer in education and the community. I will forever love her and Mrs Boyd. They took such good care of my girls and tried so hard to teach and love my whole family. Love these women forever.
The graduation girls. We couldn't be more proud to them. Love you both.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surprise baby fun

My friends threw me and a good friend Maughra a baby shower. It was supposed to be a suprise but I ruined it by trying to cancel craft night. Then they had to explain it was really a baby shower with food. How could I say no to food. Not only that but I love these girls. They have stayed my friends throughout this prenancy and that is just about nuts. Very hard to do when I am hormonal. I have to say I have bonded with Maughra. I love her and it has been nice to have someone to talk to about this pregnancy, plus we are due the same day. Funny huh.

So we got lots of diapers, wipes, baby clothes and soap. We got some cute blankets and an awesome rag quilt. I just was glad to have so much fun with my friends. Thanks ya'll.