Monday, June 24, 2013

Cub scouts

Since Liam turns 8 on the 7th of July he falls into within the month of Scout camp and that qualified him to be able to go to scout day camp. He was so excited. The first day they learned about rocks and minerals, they swam, learned some songs. He came home with a knapsack, and a water bottle.
The second day they got to shoot bb guns, and a bow and arrow. He worked a leather bag into which he 
 put one of his bbs. He also made a leather book that he recorded some of the things that he got to do.
The last day he passed off some of his water works. He made a stool, and did a great job doing it too. He learned to play marbles and passed off some knots. I can't tell you how much fun he had and how good it was for him. I love that he is going to succeed in this so much. It is awesome.

The last day they performed some songs and a ditty for the parents. They got a certificate that said they completed scout camp. He is just so happy. How fun is that?
Liam with his Wolf pack. They had a hike and this is the picture that I received from one of the leaders. He loves to climb trees. I think this is the perfect activity for him.

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