Monday, July 1, 2013

My husband is cooler than yours, at least I think so.

Clif has become the dejunker. He takes apart broken microwaves so he can part them out. So he came up with an electric lazy susan. He litereally made an electric one so that I only have to push a button and the light comes on and the susan moves.As much as I tease him, I love everything about him. He is funny and ingenious. He creates things out of nothing and will build me anything I want. I thought I married him for his looks, I married him for his brains. I love this man.
After making the lazy susan. He took the other parts and made me a dehydrator. I have wanted one forever and he made me one so that I can have dried fruits and veggies. Love it. I do have to say that he talked to Jared and Jared talked him through it. It is awesome. Cool, Huh?

I will let you know how it works so that you can understand how cool he is... and be jealous.

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Rebekah said...

He is pretty awesome!